Style Your Room Romantic
Kate Smith
Style Your Room Romantic
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Sometimes a girl just needs to be a girl. But how do you give a room that feel without making it look like it was designed for your 10-year-old niece or your 90-year-old grandmother?

You can have a room that is right for your style but still says “all girl” by using delicate colors, materials, finishes, and patterns. Here are a few tips for creating that romantic room you want—without the fuss:

Color is a key ingredient in styling a room romantic. Tints, which are the combination of any color and white, will provide the lightness that conveys an innate sense of femininity. Bright and pale pink, sky and sea blue, floral green, and black and white creates a romantic palette with just a touch of nostalgia. Other colors to consider include soft peaches, buttery yellows, and gentle lavenders.

Maintain that feeling of charm by using low-contrast colors that are easy on the eyes as they help create a relaxing mood.  Look for colors that have the same balance of lightness or darkness to get that gentle feel that makes you want to sit down with a cup of tea and your favorite novel.

Romantic spaces don’t need to be overflowing with flowery prints or lots of ruffles. In fact, when it comes to creating a soft, dreamy mood, delicate is one word that should be in your décor vocabulary. Think fluid, graceful lines and gentle, floral-inspired prints.


Another way to evoke this imaginative mood is by using airy, light materials. Think gauzy window dressings or pillows trimmed in subtle edging. Other romance-evoking materials include smooth silks, satins, sheers, lace, and filigree. Glass or translucent, pearlescent, lacquered shine, metallic, and mirrored surfaces all give the room an open and airy feel while adding a modern sensibility.

Say goodbye to fussy and hello to girly grown-up. Using these tips you can decorate your room with style and show off your modern take on femininity.


- Kate

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  1. linda ·

    I love these colors and find them relaxing in my master bedroom. It is “girlie” but not too much.