Meet: Kristine Kennedy
Kristine Kennedy
Meet: Kristine Kennedy
Photo Credit: Kristine Kennedy's iPhone
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“You must miss your closet,” my husband astutely said to me this morning as I was getting ready for work. In our last house, I had a great closet.

I’m baring my soul here, as these are snapshots from a regular day—obviously not styled for a photo shoot! But it looks better than the white walls and shag rug that used to be there. I included two valet rods, a towel rack to hold my scarves, and a unified hanger situation. Photo Credit: Kristine Kennedy's iPhone

Though our 1903 plain Victorian in New York lacked for closets overall, one bedroom had a sweet and smallish walk-in with a window and extra space under the attic stairs.

In this weird under-stair area we built shoe shelves then added adjustable valet hangers for my coats and long dresses. Photo Credit: Kristine Kennedy's iPhone

It was my pretty retreat. My best friend helped me wallpaper in an exuberant orange-and-metallic gold floral. My husband installed closet rods and built shelves for folded clothes and shoes. I added valet rods, a vanity table, and even hot-glued a nifty gimp along the front edges of the shoe shelves. Now, in my Boston-area rental duplex, I stare into the maw of an ugly, dysfunctional, unlit, and freezing cold space that is to serve as my closet.

I’m unhappy about my new closet.

But, I am thrilled about my new life.

After many years as the East Coast Editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I have joined Wayfair as Editorial Director. In this exciting new role, I have the opportunity to bring you information and inspiration (and some laughs!) while you actively look for furnishings here on wayfair.com. I hope you love the features we’ll be rolling out over the upcoming months, but right now I’d like to introduce to our blog, My Way Home.

My Way Home isn’t your typical “corporate” blog. I think most corporate blogs are boring. To me, what makes a blog interesting can be a personal voice, inspiring visuals, expertise, fresh ideas, or strong opinions. My Way Home has all those things. We tapped some of the most intriguing voices in the blogosphere and gave them (and you) a free-for-all space for chitchat.

We are calling our bloggers the Wayfair Homemakers. We debated about this. “Homemaker” can be perceived as an old-school and disparaging term describing one aspect of a woman’s life. Yet how can making a home, improving your life, enjoying your life, and providing for others be anything other than admirable?

Wayfair wants to take the term “Homemaker” back.

I want to restore its nobility and widen its meaning. I work long hours in a high-rise office building in downtown Boston, and I’m a Homemaker. I think about my home all the time. I chose our rental duplex largely because it has a deep porch and a proper foyer. I looked for a place that signaled welcome and would encourage kids to come over and make friends with my transplanted 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

My fabulous husband, Pete, a writer, has always stayed home with the kids. He’s a Homemaker. He cooks the food, makes the fires, and is currently building a window seat in my daughter’s room. He owns his role and feels extremely lucky to experience home and family in a way most guys don’t get to. The My Way Home bloggers are all Homemakers. We are all passionate about our homes, and we hope you are, too. Please share your thoughts about these blog posts, what you love, and what you would like to see as we move forward together.



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Leave Your Thoughts (12 Comments)

  1. katie ·

    Kris, first of all, I do love the closet wallpaper…
    Second and more important, making a home is the most important job one can have—after all, home is where the heart is.
    Home is where you live, grow, raise families, throw parties and retreat for safety.
    I am proud to be a homemaker.
    But it’s not all that I am…

  2. cristin @ simplified bee ·

    I can see how your would mourn the loss of a closet like that! I bet there are some off the shelf items that could help spruce up your current closet. Could be a fun post.

    I love being a homemaker… so does my hubby!


  3. Kris ·

    You and me, both, sister. However, you and I are both fortunate we’ve been able to create careers out of our passion for home. Not a bad way to spend the work day. ;)

  4. I love your old closet! That wallpaper is to die! Wish my clothes lived that well. I’m so excited to hear more about your life and work here. I’m so glad you explained about “homemaker” too. I’m going to try to embrace my inner homemaker now.

  5. Ruth ·

    I applaud you for taking the word “homemaker” out of the less than place it tends to be. Love your approach, your embracing of what is the essence of what serves as a landing place for the family…Wonderful.

  6. The most important thing is to live authentically-the way you are called to live. I like to think that us Wayfair Homemakers gently guide, support, suggest and help others by way of our various types of expertise to live their authentic lives in their homes as well.

    Like I said in one of my posts, (but in your case:) your closet may not be set as a standard for closet design, but it will be a connection to your style and your needs…plus, being thrilled with your life doesn’t hurt either, in fact, it’s a necessary component for making a happy home. Lovely post.

    You need more shoes. I’m serious. ;)

  7. Kim ·

    Kris, What a great blog and I’m excited you’re reclaiming the word homemaker & restoring its nobility. We are definitely on the same page with you at Hooker Furniture.

  8. Janna ·

    Kris, this looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to read more.

  9. Kris ·

    Kim and Janna: So great to see you both on here!

  10. Liren ·

    I used to always cringe whenever I saw the word homemaker, especially when on legal documents. I remember when I decided to stay home with my children, the first year we filed taxes, it was unnerving to see “homemaker” on the tax returns. Now that I have used that experience and embraced it to create meaning and satisfaction professionally, I have a whole new respect for the term. I love that you are reclaiming it and giving us all a platform here on My Way Home!

    And can I just say, how brave of you to share your closet – but it oozes with charm! And I spy a cute pair of yellow heels that are just adorable :)

  11. SuburbanDad ·

    Great blog post, Kris…

  12. s ·

    Are you kidding? I don’t and never have found the word “homemaker” old school or disparaging — I don’t need or want anyone “to restore its nobility and widen its meaning.” It already has nobility and the meaning is quite fine just as it is — I find your whole concept incredibly insulting and patronizing — shame on you and Wayfair!