Meet: Katie Bower
Katie Bower
Meet: Katie Bower
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Hi y’all. My name is Katie Bower and I am pretty much peeing my pants with excitement about meeting you, My Way Home readers.

My Way Home is not only a great source of inspiration – but to me, it’s a great way of connecting with people, changing your space for the better, treasure-hunting, and general good, clean FUN. That is something you should know about me…I dig having fun! I’m a big believer that life is here for us to enjoy and our homes are places for real life! Speaking of life—let me introduce my whole world….

I am a very, very lucky and quirky girl who met the man of my dreams on a blind date…and he will always be my boyfriend. After a few years of marriage, we brought a little blue bundle of joy home named Will and I don’t care what any scientist says – the world does revolve around him :) . Our first home was literally a dream come true. We had worked tirelessly to make it comfortable and a true reflection of us and we absolutely loved it.

Then about a year ago, the opportunity to invest in a larger piece of land (and a bigger house) presented itself. We jumped at the opportunity. With a tearful goodbye to our first home (being able to lease it to a beautiful, loving family softened the blow!), we bought the neglected foreclosure and have been working to make it more than just a house. It is still in the beginning stages and needs a whole lot of updating (think sponge painted walls and gold fixtures)…but that doesn’t hold us back. Together with inspiration from Wayfair and a very distinct sense of style (and humor), we’ve been slowly tweaking this house into a home.

You should also know that I am a stay-at-home mom and started a photography business last year, so I practically live with a camera in hand, documenting everything from birthday cakes to my toddler’s play spaces to photography props. I’ve learned through the lens a lot about myself, my perception of beauty, and how cherished little things are in life. My family is young and still learning about this thing called life and we are so excited to share a little more here with you. So I hope that you join us as we make this journey celebrating laughter, love, and beauty.

- Katie

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  1. Whitney ·

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us here, Katie!

  2. Mya ·

    Yay! What a fun and exciting new adventure for you (and for us readers too)!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah ·

    I’m never, ever the first comment on Bower Power- I’m so excited to be the first one here!! Love your blog, KB- can’t wait to watch the fun & style you bring over here! :)

  4. Lynn ·

    KB- So happy for you to have this new opportunity. Need to add another blog to my list each day now… :)

  5. Katie ·

    You are such a sweetheart Katie – plus you always make me laugh! Excited to follow you over here :)

  6. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your posts here and find out what exciting adventures you have in store!

  7. Kasey M. ·

    Kate so glad to see your new gig. I guess I’ll be hopping over here from your blog…

  8. abby ·

    Great post! So happy for you to have this opportunity!

  9. Ruthie ·

    Congrats on this new opportunity Katie! You’re such an inspiration and are definitely proving that you can be a stay @ home mom and still provide for your family.

  10. candace ·

    Yay – one of my fav bloggers, Katie Bower! Can’t wait to read more!

  11. Caroline ·

    Can’t wait to see what you bring, KB!

  12. So excited to get more of you every month!

  13. Kelly Lane ·

    Love Katie Bower!

  14. Erin ·

    Yay! I read http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/ every morning to start my day – Im excited to be able to read your stuff in more than one place!!

  15. Ivette ·

    So excited for you! and cant wait to see your pics too!

  16. Procrastamom ·

    I’m happy to follow MORE Bower Power! Congrats on the new gig, Katie!

  17. Aaroohii ·

    I always wanted someone to link me to exactly what to buy, now my wish came true and its someone whose style I Love. Double excited!

  18. It’s like meeting you all over again and it’s just as exciting as the first time. Liking your finder’s keepers picks already.

  19. Marie ·

    Looking forward to all your adventures on here, Katie!

  20. Becky ·

    Wow Katie! This is fun. Congratulations and I love your Keeper choices.

  21. Jenn ·

    Yeah! This is going to be so fun. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Melissa E ·

    Very exciting!!! Can’t wat for more!! My WAYhome/Mayfair couldn’t have picked a better person!!Katie rocks….way to go Katie!!

  23. Olivia ·

    Woohoo Katie!! Just another way for me to read what my blogger friend is up too! Can’t wait to follow you here! (Totally sound stalkerish…not good!)

  24. cassie {hi sugarplum} ·

    Great to have another place to ‘know’ you, Katie!

  25. Kim ·

    Looking forward to following you here, Katie!

  26. Jessica ·

    Yay!! Another venue to get my Bower Power fix!!!!!

  27. Elaine ·

    Yay! More Katie to read! Congrats on the new blog – looking forward to more inspiration!

  28. Karen R ·

    Katie-Congrats on this new opportunity! Ive never heard of Wayfair but I will definitely read your posts here and check them out!