Meet: Cristin Priest
Cristin Priest
Meet: Cristin Priest
Photo Credit: Cristin Priest
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Hi, I’m Cristin Priest and I am thrilled to be a new contributor on Wayfair’s new, My Way Home blog! Today I wanted to share a little about me and Simplified Bee®.

I’ve always loved decorating, and keeping things orderly comes natural to me. Growing up I spent hours designing rooms for my dollhouse and drawing floor plans of dream homes. As a young adult, I put my organizational skills to work planning corporate events and large-scale trade shows. It wasn’t until after a successful career in event planning, having two children, and a short stint as a stay-at-home mom, that I decided to go back to school and study interior design.

As a busy mother, I saw a need for “functional” design and knew that homes could be orderly without sacrificing beauty. In January of 2009, I launched Simplified Bee® to share my combined expertise of home organization and decorating with others. I believe surrounding yourself in beautiful, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier, and inspires healthier living. I take great pride on being a style-savvy, yet practical designer.

My dining room. I’m a curator and love the eclectic, yet relaxed look and feel. Photo Credit: Cristin Priest

In my own home, I strive for spaces that are approachable, a bit eclectic, and artfully blend old and new. I don’t particularly like interior designs that are matchy-matchy and look like a page out of a furniture catalog.

When asked what’s the quickest way to spruce up your home, my answer is simple: de-clutter and purge often. Clutter is visually exhausting. Keep and display only what you love. If you don’t use it, sell or donate it. I have a rule in my house that if a new toy, pair of shoes, or piece of clothing enters the house, an unused similar item is donated, recycled, or trashed depending on condition.

Photo Credit: Cristin Priest

Of course, I have my list of favorite products that are great for organizing spaces. Trays are on the top of the list and help corral items stylishly. In my own home you will find several. In the image above, a tray beautifully organizes my bar cart.

To kick off a new year and for the launch of the Wayfair blog, I have written a couple fun posts: Achieving Resolutions and Declutter for a Fresh Start. Check them out when you have a chance! In the upcoming months I will be writing about more about ways to organize your home beautifully. If there are certain topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know!

Happy organizing,


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  1. Cheryl ·

    Glad to see you here Cristin! I’ve enjoyed your practical approach to achieving a beautiful and peaceful home. Colorful, bright, cheering!

  2. cristin @ simplified bee ·

    Thanks Cheryl! So happy to be here too.