Meet: Kate Smith
Kate Smith
Meet: Kate Smith
All photos included in this post courtesy:Sensational Color
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One of the things I love about choosing colors is that you have millions to choose from. It is one of the same things I love about shopping at Wayfair and why I was so happy to be invited to be a Wayfair Homemaker. They literally have zillions of items to choose from in every color.

Making color choices and design decisions is something I do every day. As the President and Chief Color Maven of Sensational Color, a company that develops expert color content and serves as the voice for color for our corporate clients, I also regularly help homeowners understand how to make confident color decisions.

I have found that they sometimes don’t think about the fact that color is more than just visually stimulating. Color has layers of meanings, many of which are closely linked to our emotions making it a natural tool for expressing a mood. Whether in the way we decorate a room, what we choose to wear, or which color we choose as our favorite; color communicates a message.

The meanings we give color are based on many things including our culture, age, and personal experiences but I thought it would be fun to share some of the words and feelings most often associated with each color. Next time you are drawn to a particular color think about what it is saying to you.


Hope, cheerfulness, happiness, optimism






Refreshing, renewal, balance, calm, nature, health, growth






Relaxing, peace, tranquility, calmness, trust, loyalty






Creativity, luxury, spirituality, confident






Love, passion, energy, excitement, power






Feminine, sweetness, healthy romantic, innocent






Joyful, happy, flamboyance, warmth






Stability, reliability, approachable






Fresh start, purity, innocence, empowerment






Refined, dignified, conservative, understated, elegant, authoritative






Sophistication, power, mysterious, dramatic





Now that you know the messages and meanings communicated by color you can see how these meanings help to create the mood of a room in two of my earlier posts: High-Spirit Hues and Rooms That Makes You Smile

For more information about the messages and meaning of each color you can visit my site Sensational Color.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all! Tell me what are some of the words and feelings you associate with the colors you like?



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  1. Cindy Faith Swain (@PlanABrand) ·

    Hi Kate, Brown/Turquoise and Pink/Brown are 2 of my favorite cool color combo’s. Evokes happy and clean. White always works but so unpractical with kitties but it’s real iCandy to see it. Love your posts. -Cindy, PlanABrand

    • Kate ·

      Thanks Cindy. Both the color combinations you mention are among my favorites, too. I appreciate your comment.

  2. cristin @ simplified bee ·

    It is fascinating how we feel when we see certain colors. I am really looking forward to your posts!


    • Kate ·

      Thanks Cristin. It is fun to get to know other color and design lovers. Look forward to your posts, too. xo

  3. Colors speak and desire to be heard and understood. They evoke emotions, reflect who and what we are. The joy I get is knowing I have loads of them to chose from!