Meet: Matthew Mead
Matthew Mead
Meet: Matthew Mead
Photo Credit: Matthew Mead
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Sometimes it is hard to introduce myself by saying exactly what it is that I do. I am a self-professed lifestyle guru, producer, stylist, and photographer who conceptualizes and designs ideas for magazines and advertising. I have a small team of helpers, and together we produce and execute every part of a photo shoot. I focus primarily in the areas of food, flowers, decorating, collecting, and entertaining.

My work is very seasonal oriented. We help our readers create accessories for their homes. We provide quick and stylish ideas for cooking, shopping and decorating. I build sets, find props and do all the photography for these projects. I have my own daylight studio and prop warehouse and I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and sharing new ideas. I started my own magazine a few years ago and now have a partnership with Time Life magazines, which puts my brand on newstands everywhere three times a year. I am looking forward to sharing my seasonal ideas and projects with all of you. I hope that my ideas provide you with something special that is easy to make and memorable.  If you haven’t had the chance, read my post on Simple Winter Sundays for a new twist on weekend get-togethers with friends.

Set the table with a simple but colorful homemade paper topper. Cut slits in poster paper from the crafts store and weave with colorful satin ribbons in shades of pink. Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m a firm believer that marking the seasons or special events in the month are a perfect way to keep life fresh and fun and ever-changing in your home. I’m not into ideas that are too saccharine sweet, but I am drawn to colors and flowers and ways to dress up the dining or coffee table.

A warm bowl of chocolate soup with white milk froth heart! Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

I’m always on the look out for an engaging bouquet of flowers and many times I turn to the floral section of the grocery store for inspiration. Flowers in the super market have definitely come a long way in the last ten years and this time of year its easy to find a nice selection of roses, tulips, and other spring flowers. I take them home and cut the stems and give them extra special attention with lukewarm water and a packet of flora life. This really does extend the life of your blooms and is a great way to treat discounted flowers that might not have had the most cushy existence. Now I would never make a heart shaped wreath out of flowers (way too Kentucky Derby), but I would use the heart icon as a centerpiece holder to convey a seasonal message about Valentine’s Day.

Photo Credit: Matthew Mead

I start with a white porcelain heart baking dish and use egg cups and white prep bowls to hold the flowers. The arrangement above definitely says “VALENTINES” but can be made in mere minutes and the relief of the white shows off just a few blooms to their best advantage. Change water every few days and arrangement will last most of a week.

I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with you all! Feel free to ask questions and leave comments.



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  1. Kathi ·

    I am a big fan of Matthew Mead and plan to steal this little heart pan with roses thing for our Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing

  2. Matthew ·

    Thanks Kathi, I try to keep everything easy and fun… ENJOY!

  3. colleen ·

    I have followed Matthew Meads print career long befor following was a word! He is amazing!…I just always wondered if he is the son of the other Mead photographer?
    Anyways so creative so tenderly hip & so right all the time…love his style!