Meet: Katie Rosenfeld
Katie Rosenfeld
Meet: Katie Rosenfeld
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For those of you whom I’ve never met, nice to meet you; I’m Katie. I am a Boston-based interior designer and also the author of the daily blog, Bogle Street.

When I was approached by Wayfair to contribute to their innovative new blog initiative, I was flattered and even a bit confused.What on earth did little old me have to say to readers who peruse this enormous, product-full website each day?

How could I enrich your experience on their site? What was Wayfair really all about
anyway, and what did we have in common?

All it took for me was some time (about 25 minutes to be exact…) and the desire to
explore, and it became very clear very quickly why I might be a good match with
Wayfair. I like to call it a high-low approach to design, and I would hope it would be called my “signature” on all my residential projects.

What this means to me is that rooms, if curated carefully and designed smartly, should
have a rich mixture of elements, spanning the range from important investment pieces
to attainable and inexpensive pieces and a bit of everything in between for good
measure. After all, houses are to be lived in and enjoyed; they are not museums.

At the same time, we all want quality and we all want value, and this is the balance we all try to acheive in life, in our relationships, in our homes.

As it turns out, this range or spectrum is precisely what Wayfair is all about, and why as
a designer, I want to get to know the site better myself. A little something for most of us,
in every budget and many design genres = choices. Isn’t that what designing is all about?

So, as we get to know each other, and I as get to know this site and the zillions of things it has to offer me, I will share that with you, in my own unique voice. And I hope we’ll learn something together!


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  1. Jessica ·

    Katie–so excited to have found you on here! I live in Boston and have been looking for some design help so excited to look through your work!

    • katie ·

      Glad to meet you; let me know what you are looking to learn and I can direct you…

  2. interior designer in pune ·

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  3. Krista ·

    Great design philosophy and I love the featured rooms!

  4. Durai ·

    Really useful thank you for your information…

  5. Kristen ·

    This room is absolutely STUNNING. It is obviously custom but I an wondering…Can it be built similarly with Wayfair products? I would buy the whole room.

    • katie ·

      Sure thing. Which room are you referring to? I will do it as soon as you let me know…

  6. Thrilled to read even more Katie in more places!

    • katie ·

      Thanks U R so sweet.

  7. Sharon ·

    Katie, I live just north of Boston and can’t wait to see what you come up with, I like to change things up and always redoing our home ourselves, nice to meet you