Rooms That Make You Smile
Kate Smith
Rooms That Make You Smile
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Did the illustrations of Dr. Seuss always draw your attention? Maybe you love to watch Lady Gaga’s imaginative style? You don’t need to limit your free-flowing creativity to decorating a kid’s space. Bring the whimsy of childhood to your own life with a decorating plan that embraces color.

Bright colors used in multi-color combinations are the calling card of a joyful space. Start by selecting two to four hues that are of similar intensity. Choose one or two colors to use as the main colors and the others as highlights. The secret to making this work is not using all the colors in equal proportion.

Another way to pump up the energy in your room is to favor high-contrast color pairings. Black and white are often used because they have the most contrast, but any combination of light and dark colors can produce the same effect. A few examples you might want to try are navy blue with bright aqua, dark brown with tan, and black with hot pink.

Creative color isn’t just for walls. Inject playfulness into other areas, as well. For example, if your den or office is in need of a little imagination add color to the back of a bookcase or paint a boring beige file cabinet magenta to bring a sense of fun to the space. You might also add the unexpected by incorporating fabrics with fun prints, large-scale accessories, or unique embellishments.

Get funky by reinventing classic and traditional pieces. Nothing says youthful quite like an electric blue Queen Anne end table or an antique chair reupholstered with a Warhol-inspired print. Get creative, and take a modern approach when updating vintage pieces.

Not quite ready to make the full commitment to a playful scheme? Start by adding an just a single accent or occasional piece in an unusual color. You can also paint your laundry room or mudroom. Starting on a small scale will get you used to seeing more color and soon give you the color confidence to re-do an entire room into the fun, you-inspired space you know it can be.

Indulge in your inner artist or Alice in Wonderland. Using these tips will help you build the color confidence to create a playful, creative room—the kind that will spark the next imaginative idea.

Expressing yourself  though color and design is the main theme of this year’s Sensational Color 2012/2013 Color Trends Report.

Did I make you smile?

- Kate

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