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Randy Horn, has been asking people ridiculous questions, similar to those used in Zobmondo!! "Would You Rather" products, since his college days. Back then the most frequently used question was "How much money, in cash, would it take to get you to eat a live, kicking, 2 inch cockroach?" Hours of fun were had discussing this one crazy question and its derivatives. Upon arriving to the Anderson School at UCLA, this exact question came up in casual conversation. It prompted others to offer ridiculous questions that they had heard and another entertaining and ridiculous conversation erupted. One such question which came out of this socializing was "Would you rather bite the curb and get kicked in the back of the head -OR- get a paper cut on your eyeball?" The revelation that this type of content would make a great board game came in the latter part of Randy's first year of business school while on a blind date. He accompanied her on an evening which would include dinner and dancing with two other couples including Randy's roommate Jeff Fowler. The understandable pressure to keep conversation going and an unfortunate bout with drowsiness (Randy had been burning the candle at both ends), prompted him to break out the ridiculous questions. Magic happened again!!The conversation came alive ... everyone was laughing and groaning. The food servers joined in and Randy was astounded at the consistent transformation that occurred on this night and virtually every other time these questions were posed. As he and Jeff walked out of the restaurant, it came to him, and he told Jeff, "This needs to become a board game."