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Zenith Innovation

The year was 2004 and after spending 41 years in the consumer products business, Peter Vosbikian sold his successful family-owned company. His plan was to begin a new pursuit of a calmer, more relaxing way of life. After four years of "slowing down," Peter realized that his energy and passion for developing and marketing new product ideas had not diminished, so once again it was time to change course.

One morning while enjoying coffee with his wife Irene, Peter started taking interest in the bird feeder that was right outside their breakfast room window. He observed that much of the birdseed was being deposited on the ground, so he designed a larger feed tray to fit under the smaller one to "catch" the dropped seed. The idea worked well, but a greater benefit was derived when the addition of this larger Lower Feed Tray started attracting more varieties of wild birds.

The next problem Peter observed with his conventional bird feeder was re-filling the seed?"having to reach up to remove the feeder from the hook, take off the top, and place it on the ground, spilling the bird seed. There had to be a better way, so he devised a system that enabled the bird feeder to slide up and down a center pole. So when the feeder was in the down position, it exposed the opening at the top of the Feed Tube and made re-filling "effortless." To make it even easier, he added a funnel-shaped opening which eliminated spillage and waste.

Almost everyone who owns a birdfeeder knows that squirrels can be an ongoing problem, so a custom-fitted Squirrel Guard was added to prevent the critters from climbing up to the Feed Trays.

Finally, the "icing on the cake" was the addition of the heavy-duty Base. This Base, measuring 20" in diameter, was designed to keep THE EFFORT-LESS BIRDFEEDER stable and straight, but also enabled placement of the bird feeder just about anywhere.

This was the evolutionary process that gave birth to THE EFFORT-LESS BIRDFEEDER. To develop and market this great new idea, ZENITH INNOVATION, LLC was formed. The ZENITH team is dedicated to creating a whole line of high-quality, innovative products that result in less work and more fun.