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Xtreme Gardening

Started in 1993 with the creation of the teabag: a convenient packet of fertilizer that supplied nutrients to a plant for one to two years, and that let less than 1% of those nutrients turn into run-off. RTI then started working with biologicals; soil amendments in the form of fungi and bacteria as a way to give life to the soil. In 2008, the idea for Xtreme Gardening came about, inspired by the Xtreme Gardeners: competitive gardeners growing their largest fruit or vegetable. 2006 was the first year that our product was used in the arena, and the largest pumpkin ever grown was produced: a 1,509lb pumpkin by grower Ron Wallace of Rhode Island. Every year since, records have been shattered by the use of these products, and the grower?s passion of soil biology.