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World of Watersports

WOW was founded in 2010 by Leroy Peterson, the founder of Sportsstuff. Leroy has been in the towable industry since 1980 when only one towable existed on the market. It was a one person PVC tube with no cover. Since then Leroy has developed almost every innovation this industry has seen. He was the first one to introduce the 1-4 person torpedo tubes, “A” shaped tube, boomerang deck tubes, covered tubes, EVA handles, double webbing handles, EVA knuckle pads, molded tow connectors, two-way towing, 1-4 person cockpit tubes, deck tubes, winged tubes, rounded bottoms and the list could go on. Leroy has been the driving force in this industry for the last 25 years and he will continue to be the driving force over many more. WOW has developed a whole new generation of towables with new, never seen before innovations and functions in a wide range of prices. Leroy has always focused on innovation and will continue to do so with WOW. WOW is the new leader in the towable industry.