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At Wayfair, we believe in giving you a zillion options in all areas of your home décor. Our floor lamps come in all different shapes, styles and sizes to meet all your home needs. Our modern floor lamps are made with sophisticated design and elegant lighting. We have modern floor lamps that range from tripod floor lamps to natural willow branches that are mixed with lighted branches. Our modern floor lamps are designed to match with your sophisticated and simple décor.
tripod floor lamps Modern tripod floor lamps are both stylish and functional. The modern and stylish three-legged design also helps to increase balance and stabilization. You can easily access the pull chain to switch our modern floor lamps on and off. These lamps come with stunning detail, including a chrome finish with polyester shades. You can easily place modern tripod floor lamps in every room of your home, from your home office to your dining room to create the right lighting for every occasion.
arc lamps Modern arc lamps are the perfect lighting solution if you are looking for a floor lamp with modern design aesthetic and functionality. You can find an arc lamp in various heights to meet your lighting needs. Arc lamps are marked by their sweeping metal arc and cylindrical fabric shade that combine together to create an elegant sweeping style. You can place an arc floor lamp next to your couch or favorite reading spot to brighten up your home.
modern floor lamps Modern torchiere floor lamps are stylish, thin and adjustable. Torchiere floor lamps are for those who prefer a modern and simple design in their home. They are marked by long sleek necks and glass lamp shades that can swivel to adjust the direction of brightness of the light. If you like the look of torchiere floor lamps, but you need extra reading light, then we also have a collection of torchiere floor lamps that come with a reading light attached half-way up the neck of the lamp.
modern floor lamps Modern cordless floor lamps are beautiful in every home and can give your living room or bedroom the modern feel that you are looking to create. Cordless lamps are fantastic for your home because you don’t have to worry about placing them near an outlet or hiding the cords behind your furniture. Cordless lamps are also easy to move around your home to create a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

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