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Versa Heat

VersaHeat radiant heaters are different from other heaters on the market in one very fundamental way -- the IRLens. The IRLens is an exclusive, unique and patented lens that is fitted on VersaHeat heaters. The revolutionary design of the IRLens captures the majority of the infrared wasted by all other heaters on the market and focuses it on a targeted area or zone, spot heating it. As a result, VersaHeat can be used for employee comfort in work areas or retail areas, warehouses, loading docks, outdoor break areas or checkout aisles. VersaHeat increases delivered heat by 300 to 500 percent, attains a 20 degree increase in zone temperature and reduce total heating costs by 50 percent or more. Portable VersaHeat products can be moved to remote or temporary areas. These heaters are great for open, drafty areas where power is limited.

Versa Heat
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