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Van Patten Publishing

Today print runs of 6,000, black & white, hand-collated and stapled booklets are a thing of the past. Today Van Patten Publishing is proud to announce their annual print runs range from 50,000 – 100,000, up to 512 pages of full color gardening books with full distribution channels through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon Advantage, and international accounts. Their best selling title was dubbed “the bible” by its readers before the words were added to the front cover of the book. To this day this book and other Van Patten Publishing titles have been recognized worldwide and have received hundreds of reviews. Van Patten Publishing has printed and translated books from English to Spanish and Italian. In 2009 translation works for Dutch, German, and Russian languages will have been completed. Van Patten Publishing stocks titles in three warehouse locations: Ladysmith, WI, services retail and distribution accounts; BookMasters , Inc., Ashland, OH, services mail order and phone orders; Warehouse in Spain services the overseas distribution accounts. Today they publish books on hydroponics, greenhouses, indoor and outdoor gardening. Their market: experienced and novice gardeners. Van Patten Publishing owes their success to these people who have trusted this publishing house to give them, the consumer, what they need.