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Timber Designs is located in the pristine Wasatch Mountain Range. Our location helps source us with our materials which allows us to create a more natural product. The mountains, lakes, and other natural habitats help us to create and design pieces that will remind you of the glorious beauty that the great outdoors holds. Our furniture is environmentally friendly and aged to perfection. Loggers supply our company's woodshop with the highest quality of logs and barn wood. Our woodworkers hand-select each piece of wood that will be used during the making of your unique pieces of furniture. The woodshop's family of artisans and woodworkers then craft each piece with a variety of hand tools and machinery which some have been invented locally. Unlike most, we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all of our pieces. We invite you to experience the wonderful journey of our exceptional furniture. Each piece is made with precision and care. Our company celebrates the character and versatility of the materials used in constructing our furniture. Whenever possible we incorporate the unique history of our wood into the design process of our pieces. There is richness and majesty in every hint of color, every characteristic, and curve of our furniture. We hope you enjoy the diversity of our unique collections.

Timber Designs