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Summer BBQ Essentials

Paul Hope picks out grilling necessities for a delicious summertime meal.

grilling planks
"For a healthy—yet still delicious—option, grill salmon on cedar planks. This set comes with
spices for amped up yumminess!"
Steven Raichlen Cedar Two Plank Salmon Set with Spices Charcoal Companion $33.99
salt and pepper shakers
"Season food to perfection with a pair of salt and pepper grinders."
Salt/Pepper Grinder Set OXO $49.95
burger press
"Mini burgers are the ultimate handheld BBQ food! Easily flip burgers in the basket and cut buns to size with a bun cutter."
Deluxe Mini Burger Set Charcoal Companion $24.99
"Pile your hot-off-the-grill burgers and dogs high on a fun colored serving tray."
Round Melamine Tray notNeutral $19.96
basting brush
"Grill kabobs without any mishaps! This collapsible metal frame can hold up to six skewers."
Shish Kabob Set Fox Run Craftsmen $17.89
"This brush's detachable head is dishwasher safe for an easy clean after you've coated your meal in a savory marinade."
15.5" Barbecue Brush Le Creuset $14.95 (prices vary)

"Be a grill master supreme with this charcoal grill. The smokestack helps regulate heat for restaurant-
quality food!"
Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill
Char-Griller $164.99
"An apron that has pockets for all of your tools will make grilling stress-free (and you'll feel like a Top Chef!)."
B.B.Q-Chef's Barbeque Apron and Tools Picnic At Ascot $40.99 (prices vary)

grilling chips
"Infuse irresistible flavor into your food with grilling chips in a variety of blends—poultry, beef, pork, and seafood
and veggies."
Steven Raichlen Wood Chips Charcoal Companion $19.98
"Don't let your food slip through the cracks! A grill basket with flexible wires will keep a range of items secure, from fruits and veggies to meat and fish."
Chrome Flex Grill Basket Outset $24.45
grill basket
More About Paul
Paul Hope developed a passion for building at a young age, hammering away at projects in his family's small apartment in New York City. After a stint as a professional chef, he now happily swings his hammer at This Old House and in one of the two houses he and his wife, Leah, are restoring.
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