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The San Francisco Umbrella Company

In Europe and Japan there are boutique manufacturers of umbrellas who are guided by the highest principles of manufacturing responsibility. The San Francisco Umbrella Company intends to emulate their commitment to their products and to their customers. It is very sad to say but true that many Americans hate their umbrellas. They hate umbrellas because they break so easily, because they are unattractive, because they are hard to find when you need one and are often cheap and shoddy. This is a very sad state of affairs since umbrellas can be beautiful and functional and can last a lifetime if proper materials are used in their construction and proper care is taken in design and execution. That is the mission of The San Francisco Umbrella Company.

In February, 2011 Marc Brown was wandering the streets of his adopted city of San Francisco when he realized that many of the neighborhood shops and stores had run out of their supplies of umbrellas while the rains that had begun in early November continued to fall every day. After consulting with several shopkeepers it became clear that there was no market leader in umbrellas in the city, neither a manufacturer whose umbrellas commanded a significant share of the market nor a retailer known as the place to buy an umbrella. He began researching the umbrella business to see if there was an opportunity for a new company committed to designing and selling the most beautiful and functional umbrellas in the world. The San Francisco Umbrella Company is the product of those efforts.

The San Francisco Umbrella Company