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The Paw Wash

The inventor of the Paw Wash, Katie Mulich, has an inspiring and remarkable story of ingenuity that was not contrived or copied by typical market forces that bring thousands of products to the market today. The Paw Wash was invented to address a need Katie with her dog Sadie unexpectedly encountered early in her life. Just a sixth grader at the time the idea was conceived, Katie was playing with her Lab/German Shepherd mix Sadie one fall day when she became frustrated with the standard ways to try and clean Sadie up before allowing her back into the house. Sadie’s paws never seemed to get 100% clean and the hoses, buckets, and towels she used were clunky and ineffective. She asked herself, “why not build a paw washing machine for Sadie?” So she did. The timing was perfect for her to incubate, develop, and then test her idea through a school science project with an open topic choice for the students. Needless to say, Katie received an “A” on her project and the Paw Wash was born. Word spread of this terrific idea and with the encouragement, guidance, and support of her family and market demand, Katie was swiftly awarded a U.S. Patent, and since has achieved numerous Design Awards including the Design Defined Award at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. To date, the Paw Wash has been sold to happy pet owners from all around the world. It’s been nearly a decade since the Paw Wash was brought to us from the backyard and classroom of sixth grader, Katie Mulich. The Paw Wash’s enduring shelf life is a testament to its performance and value in the market today and the ingenuity of a young girl who took an idea inspired by her dog Sadie and ran with it.

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