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The Hip Leash

The Hip Leash was created while the inventor, Jonathan Mikula, was attending college at the University of Georgia. Mr. Mikula had a difficult time eating breakfast, reviewing his notes, talking on the phone, running his business, and walking his miniature Pug named Bella. A chronic multi-tasker, Mr. Mikula decided that there had to be a better way to walk your dog and get things done. With this mindset he developed the first Hip Leash prototype in Spring 2007 and took Bella for her very first "hip walk." Bella took right to the leash and in fact Mr. Mikula enjoyed greater strength and control by using his hips rather than his arms (very similar to the experience of riding a bike). Mr. Mikula was pleasantly surprised and immediately began experimenting with eating, lifting 100 pound (actually just 15 pound) weights, reading his college text books, and talking on his phone while gesturing with both hands, all while walking Bella. Another interesting side effect was that Mr. Mikula began taking Bella for longer and longer walks. He was able to do this because he was no longer focused on what had to get done back at his apartment, but was focused on spending time with Bella while taking care of his daily checklist. Bella became an overnight fan of the Hip Leash because her daily walks went from ten minutes each to thirty minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. After a week or so dog owners in Mr. Mikula's apartment complex started pulling him aside and asking where in the world they could find their own hip leash. Mr. Mikula took their ideas and suggestions, expanded on his prototype, and the Hip Leash as the world knows it was born.