Special Nonexistent Furniture

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  • Living room

    A map patterned sofa and textured rug provide contrast against the bright white brick fireplace in this eclectic living room. The Moroccan-style lantern creates a global vibe and adds another layer of soft light.  
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • Dining room

    This cozy dining room offers a den-like ambiance with dark walnut furniture, low-back chairs, and a Turkish rug.  On the wall, a large-scale black and white photo provides a focal point and brings a modern edge to this traditional room.

    Dark tones

    Embrace a windowless space with dark wallpaper and a colored pendant shade.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • entryway

    A blue staircase steals the spotlight in the entryway, while a traditional marble-topped dresser corrals odds-and-ends. The brass lamp and decorative bowl add warmth and shine against a collection of mismatched frames on the wall.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • playroom

    The playroom stays bright with undressed windows, a playful pennant banner, and white lacquer tabletops. Modern floral wallpaper provides a compromise between the home's traditional roots and the furniture's modern aesthetic.

    versatile space

    Place two desks side by side for an expansive, multi-purpose workspace.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story