Special Nonexistent Furniture

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  • kitchen

    Glass-front cabinets, floating shelves, a pull-out pantry, and bright white surfaces make the kitchen feel extra big.

    Breakfast area

    The bench seat maximizes the narrow kitchen-to-backyard area and stores art supplies in drawers underneath. By day it's a homework spot. By night, it's additional seating for watching moving together.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • Family room

    The family room also functions as a home office, thanks to an ingenious floor-to-ceiling media center. A neutral area rug and sofa let the beauty of the outdoors shine through.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • bedroom

    The master bedroom features a clean-lined nightstand to stash books and bedside essentials. The bed is topped with simple white linens, while a throw pillow with a graphic pattern adds a fun pop of color.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
  • Bathroom

    This small master bathroom features cabients without drawers to keep the face really simple. Medicine cabinets with niches hold electric toothbrushes and hide the cords.
    Photo: Thomas J. Story