Special Nonexistent Furniture

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  • Living Room

    A neutral sectional and minimal accent tables keep this narrow living space open and bright. Provide extra seating with a slim storage bench and an assortment of comfy pillows.
    Photo: Daniel Hennessy
  • dining room

    Flexible furniture expands the use of this petite dining room. Create a versatile entertaining space with an extendable dining table and an adjustable pendant light.
    Photo: Daniel Hennessy
  • kitchen

    With solid hues and seamless appliances, this small kitchen maintains a calm sense of order. 

    creative storage

    Take advantage of every nook and cranny to create custom storage. The owners maximized vertical space by converting an ironing board nook into a liquor cabinet.
    Photo: Daniel Hennessy
  • bedroom

    Round glass pendants float above beige and white bedding for a breezy look. Make the most of limited bedroom space with wall-mounted storage shelves above the bed.
    Photo: Daniel Hennessy