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For a flexible and dynamic

outdoor space, use an assortment of colorful potted plants and containers. Landscaping with potted plants lets you create distinct spaces in your backyard, and offers more options when it comes to adding depth and texture. See our tips and picks for designing your own all-container garden. 
Take advantage of every spot in your backyard or patio by lining steps or stairs with potted plants.
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editor

Get The Look
Create a relaxing garden vignette with an accent chair next to a grouping of potted plants. 
Looking for a way to conceal an unsightly fence or fixture? Use a series of potted plants in varying sizes to create an entirely new look. 
Top-dress your potted plants with lots of
​succulents for a full finish. 
Bring perspective to your outdoor space with hanging plants; stagger them above a table for an intriguing outdoor chandelier. 
Protect your favorite greenery from pets by planting them in a tall, heavy pot instead of a garden bed. 

A concealed hose blends in to the background and makes watering easy.

Faux Granite Garden Hose Pot Myers/Akro Mills $53.97

 Store potting essentials and easily tote them around the garden with this lightweight folding basket.

Garden Metro Basket Picnic Time $47.09

Round out the space and add dimension with potted plants in different sizes and heights. 

Accentuate your plants with an array of interesting pots. 

Round Eco Pot Planter Rossos International $54.00

Display potted plants on a weathered wood potting bench.

Potting Bench Jack Post $245.51

Most succulents prefer partial shade and coastal climates. Choose a variety of succulent types for a diverse look.

For a lavish garden feel, use different levels of hanging plants. 

Round Hanging Planter Wilco $51.50

Infuse more color into your space with brightly-hued planters.

Pot Planter Scheurich USA From $21.60 (prices vary)