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  • sunset paint and color book
    With these 50 simple projects designed to infuse color into any space, you can makeover your home one room at a time. Whether you're a painter, a sewer, or new to DIYing there's a project for you, from paint effects, to clever wallpaper options, to how to pick the right shade of  white for your home.
    Weekend warriors, meet your new go-to handbook for decorating.
    Expert advice on choosing your perfect color palette.
    • Step-by-step instructions take the guesswork out of these home improvement projects.
  • green accent wall
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Paint a Bright Accent Wall
    Not ready to commit to a whole room in one bold color? Try painting just one wall in a statement shade and it won't overwhelm the space.
    For a sleek look, balance out a bright color with a deep, grounded hue. In this room, the charcoal sofa and black window frames act as the perfect counterpoints to the electric green accent wall.

    ​Rooms with lots of natural light can handle strong colors, whereas spaces that rely on lamps and overhead lighting are ideal spots for subdued hues.
  • diy shades
    Photos: Thomas J. Story
    Dress Up Plain Shades
    Blank roller shades diffuse lots of natural light into a room, but they can be pretty basic. Add some pizzazz to a plain shade by stenciling on a design—it's easy and inexpensive.
    For this project, you can buy a pre-made stencil at your local craft store or find one on the internet and create your own stencil with card stock or stencil board.

    ​Tip! When picking a stencil, opt for one that doesn't have much intricate detailing. Simpler designs will translate to the shade best.
  • white walls
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Pick the Right White
    White walls let architecture, furniture, and accessories take center stage (think art gallery). So, if you're looking to showcase something—think white.
    There are many shades of white to consider. Whites can be divided into two categories: Warm whites with yellow, red, or brown undertones; and cool whites with blue and green hints. Be sure to look at whites in the context of your room to determine which works best.

    Tip! For naturally bright spaces like this one (left), select a white paint with warm undertones to avoid making the room feel cold.
  • wallpaper breakfast nook
    Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Accent with Wallpaper
    Wake up a room with wallpaper in a bold, eye-catching pattern. Instead of covering every wall in a room, try just one. It will transform the space and save you time and money!
    Tip! If you fall in love with a busy pattern and aren't ready to commit on a whole wall, try applying it to the back of a bookcase, the inset panels on a door, or steps of a staircase.

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