Special Nonexistent Furniture

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  • Forget fussy cottage style! This book is all about clean lines and livable clutter-free spaces. Every page is filled with airy rooms with the right balance of modern updates and vintage accents. From common color palettes to smart shopping tips, this is your end-all-be-all guide to decorating in new cottage style.
    Designers and architects share their tricks for getting the look.
    Learn how to infuse cottage style everywhere—from an outdoor shower to under-the-bed storage.
    No matter your style, you'll get on board with these comfy rooms.
  • Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Bright Breakfast Nook
    This light-filled dining area feels just a bit coastal with leaf-print pillows and rattan dining chairs. Dark wood grounds the airy space and lends warmth, while a graphic print on bright pillows adds a jolt of energy.

    ​Cushions create a cozy space to relax with a cup of Joe or lounge around during family breakfasts.

    Cottage rooms (especially kitchens and dining areas) are all about comfort and functionality. Think about how you use your space and adapt it to your needs.
  • Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Warm Living Room
    Mixing and matching is key to cottage style—and this living room. Midcentury modern pieces in neutral colors lend a relaxed, kick-your-feet-up feel.
    Combining textures creates a dynamic look. In this living room, a sleek brass table is set atop a textured shag rug, and a metal chair contrasts the plush upholstered sofa.

    Schedule a spring cleaning each year and pare down furnishings and accessories. Move furniture around for a fresh perspective
    on your spaces.
  • Photo: Thomas J. Story
    Whimsical Accents
    Looking for quick cottage style? Update small items in your home for a casual, eclectic feel. In this bedroom, a paneled door is brought back to life with the addition of eye-catching wallpaper and an ornate white frame pops on the wall.

    Tip! Display jewelry and flowers in chic boxes and gorgeous vessels to amp up your dresser top style.