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After a long day's work, 

this unique outdoor living room is the perfect place to kick up your feet and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade. Surround the space with abundant greenery and select furniture with plenty of character. Find out how you can create an eye-catching setup.  
Use pots to contain plants, like tall grasses, for a hassle-free look. 
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editor

Get The Look
Plant a view. Create an organic focal point by surrounding the outdoor room with ornamental grasses, like reed grass (above).
Use materials with character. Recycled or salvaged furniture are often budget-friendly and add an element of personality.
Try herbs as ornamentals. An herb garden brings a decorative touch without much maintenance. Include herbs, like lavender, oregano, and sage. 
​Get creative with paving. Add a pattern in the gravel as a playful detail. Here, they use rebar poles bent in circles. Other ideas? Try metal gear wheels or horseshoes.
Get innovative with shade. In this room, the canopy is made out of seven panels of orange fade-resistant fabric. 
serving tray

Serve small bites, like crackers and cheese, on this outdoor-ready platter. 

Gardener Eden Melamine Platter TAG $25.99

A clean-lined accent chair will make your space feel hotel-chic. Add a pillow or cushion for a soft landing and pop of color. 

Lama Armchair Resol Grupo $219.98

Dress a table with a decorative centerpiece to complement the room's organic theme. For a permanent display, fill a tray with gravel to match the floor. 


Add romantic ambiance with candlelight from this cutout lantern. 

Ceramic Lantern Urban Trends $52.99
accent pillow

Add visual punch with outdoor pillows in bright colors. 

Arlo Texture Outdoor Pillow American Mills $26.38 (prices vary)

Use durable, weather-resistant fabrics (like Sunbrella) that can withstand Mother Nature.

planter set

Place this planter set in the center of a table or off to the side. 

Planters Houston International $311.88
folding screen

A woven screen is a clever way to create instant privacy. 

71"x 80" Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 5 Panel Room Divider Oriental Furniture $169.00

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