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From a dramatic bedroom

to a minimal bathroom, this boho-meets-modern master suite was inspired by a luxurious bathroom from a 1982 archival Sunset story. Get the look of this dreamy space with our must-have product picks and handy tips. 
Los Angeles based interior designer, Vanessa De Vargas, successfully created two distinct spaces with a cohesive style. 
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editor

Get the Look
For a well-balanced look, mix statement pieces with neutral elements, like a white color palette or earthy accents. 
​Pick a dramatic headboard. The first thing you notice in a bedroom is the bed, so pick a headbord that really pops. 
Take cues from the spa. Turn your bathroom into a retreat with high-end appliances, like an infinity tub. You'll never look back. 
Choose a dominant hue to create a common thread throughout each space. Here, blue hues are spotted throughout the suite. 
Bring in a live plant, like a potted fern, for a dose of natural color and contrast.

Add major modern appeal with a
​clean-lined bath tub.  

Kido 69'' x 23" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Ove Decors $809.99

With a traditional shape, opt for a bold color and smooth finish to give a modern sleekness.

Linen High Arch Panel Headboard Skyline Furniture $330.83 (prices vary)

The surrounding white walls and bath tub create a blank canvas for you to add pops of personality. 


Small accents in a vibrant hue are fun and unexpected! 

Large Libra Vase in Aqua Cyan Design From $57.50

Play with color, pattern, and texture when choosing your bedding.

Parchment Linen Checkerboard Duvet Cover Collection Pine Cone Hill From $295.00 (prices vary)

The mid-century modern accent chair provides a masculine element. 

ottoman bench

Nailhead trim and lush fabric bring in a nice, luxurious detail. 

Abbyson Living $155.99
area rug

Pull in hues from your color palette with an oriental rug; it adds a boho touch, too. 

Classic Black/Dark Red Rug Safavieh From $159.99 (prices vary)

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