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Take time to smell the 

roses! Whether you're looking to relax or entertain, this modern garden is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. Inspired by an archived 1950s Sunset story, one designer upped the cool factor with an organic mix of textures, a simple color palette, and fresh furniture. Find out how below. 
Daniel Nolan, a garden designer from San Francisco, created this interactive garden space with plenty of natural personality.   
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editors

Get The Look
Include a firepit or fireplace into your design to create a focal point, as well as a natural conversation area. 
Decorate the space with groupings of the same plant, which will allow other decorative elements (sculptures and paved walkways) to stand out.
Discover new types of plants that lend a one-of-a-kind look to your garden. Nolan chose plants originally from the Southern Hemisphere. 
Bring indoor style out by hanging a gallery wall of plants. Use a mix of wall-mounted and hanging planters for a fun twist. 
Outdoor seat cushions, planters, and garden ornaments are an easy way to add hints of color.

Consider a firepit made out of stone or thick metal for ultimate durability. 

Bravo Fire Pit CobraCo $179.00
round planter

 Camouflage a hot tub with tall, neutral planters. It's also a clever way to add privacy!

Graffiato Tall Round Planter Alfresco Home From $60.00 (prices vary)

Entertain on your back deck with simple furniture that can be easily moved. This white set pops against the built-in fireplace and natural surroundings. 

spring arm chair

Available in stark white, dark red, and jungle green to suit any style. 

Gracie Retro Spring Arm Chair Crosley $99.00
wall planter

Wall planters are an unexpected way to modernize your space. 

Cube Wall Planter Arcadia Garden Products From $10.22 (prices vary)

Minimal-style planters add a layer of subtle character to your garden.

outdoor seat cushion

Soften the overall look with removable outdoor cushions.

Fresco Seat Cushion Pillow Perfect $42.99 (prices vary)
floor fountain

Go green with a solar-powered water fountain.    

Bolster Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain Wildon Home ® $163.99