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A Mid-Century-Style Living Room

Natural forms, clean lines, 

and textural fabrics effortlessly combine to create this stunning mid-century living room. One designer took inspirational cues from a 1958 Sunset archival story to create this handsome space. Discover how you can achieve this look with our decorating tips and must-have picks. 
Interior and product designer Morgan Satterfield knew exactly how to give this modern living room major visual appeal. 
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editor

A Mid-Century Style Space
Bring in elements from different periods and styles to avoid a stiff, museum-perfect feel.
Create a timeless look with a basic color palette. Try to decorate with classic colors and materials—such as gray, black, wood, and leather.
Furniture pieces characterized by clean, simple lines are a key feature to include. 
Think outside the frame. Hang shapely metal wall art instead of expected canvases or photographs. 
For a final touch, blend the old with the new. Supplement new furnishings with vintage accessories, like antique vases.

This structured gray sofa is a timeless addition to any room. 

Jenna Sofa AM+ Studio $1,062.19
lounge chair

If budget permits, invest in an iconic piece that exemplifies this style. 

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair Herman Miller ® $939.00 (prices vary)

Furniture pieces and decorative accents stand out against a simple color palette, like this white wall. 

wall art

Retro-inspired elements are a must in a mid-century space. 

Iron Werks Dazzle Wall Sculpture Fox Hill Trading $339.95
accent pillow

Include subtle color and pattern with small accessories, such as accent pillows. 

Kilim Pillow Divine Designs $69.79

Textural elements help add depth to a clean-lined, neutral living area. 

coffee table

Choose eye-catching pieces in organic shapes, like this tree trunk end table.

Monteray End Table Interlude $732.00
area rug

Try layering rugs for a trendy and unique touch.  

Andes Stone Solid Rug Jaipur Rugs $63.00 (prices vary)

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