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Sterling International, Inc. manufactures the RESCUE!® line of outdoor insect traps.

RESCUE!® products keep your family, home and yard protected from pest insects like flies, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and Japanese beetles. They control insects in the most environmentally responsible, effective, and low-maintenance way possible. Their traps and attractants use ingredients found in nature to control pests with a non-toxic mode of action.

Their integrated pest management methods and products are smarter because they possess the scientific knowledge of what makes insects tick, buzz and sting.

The expertise of their scientists and the tools in their lab give them the capability to test an insect's antenna and learn what substances and scents it likes. From there, they develop attractants which replicate what is already found in the natural world -- either from the target insect's body, its food source, or its nest or colony.

Their product line is not broad. To paraphrase the old tagline of a popular winery, "They will sell no trap before its time." They won't put their name on a product that isn't proven effective at catching an insect in a variety of geographic locations and weather conditions.

Sterling Rescue