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Steamist has a rich 50 year history, of which 40 years have been focused on residential steam baths. Underlying the history is a principle that hyperthermic therapy induced relaxation is not only a great business to be intimately involved in - it is essential.

From simple beginnings as a more industrial oriented company, Steamist realized that the future is in bringing an age old culturally specific practice of steambathing into the mass consciousness. Not very long ago, the idea of steam and sauna bathing in this country was barely recognized much less incorporated into domestic practice. As the level of awareness has grown in the last decade, tremendous demand for steambath and sauna products has also grown, resulting in new and expanded ways of creating an escape from high intensity life. Steamist is proud to participate at the leading edge of this specialized industry and is moving forward on many levels such as Product Development, Brand Name awareness through Consumer Advertising, Product Education, Sales, Training, and much more.

The President of Steamist, Neil White, has always demanded and maintained a high level of integrity in all facets of operation, supported by dedicated company personnel who are professionals in all that they do, making Steamist the leader in Quality, Service, Value, and Selection.

Vice President of Sales and National Sales Manager, Sam Byrd, leads the way with over 30 years of experience in the industry insuring that the visions of the company are realized and Steamist continues to hold the lead. Under his leadership is John Duggan - Northeastern Regional Sales Manager and Export Sales. Dennis Dees - Western Regional Sales Manager/Western Distribution Center.

Customer Service is directed by Pat Zaccario, Technical/Service Management by Michael Rempel and Accounting by Cathy Strandes. A network of educated independent Representatives and qualified experienced Service Agents are in place nationwide to satisfy customer needs.

Steamist's strength is rooted in the day to day efforts of those above and all the support personnel who without their hard work and dedication, Steamist would not be #1.