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Sprout Shell

As the years passed, Sheri was continually amazed that no one had the same idea she did. Ten years later the little seed sprouted when her oldest daughter Kirsten became pregnant and insisted she and her modern-mom friends have infant carrier covers too. Sheri and Kirsten were convinced the world was in serious need of a truly functional infant carrier cover.

Soon everyone noticed Kirsten traveling around town with her infant safely and stylishly covered and said they wished they had one for their baby. So, with Sheri's business experience and Kirsten's marketing background, Sprout Shell sprung up and quickly changed the lives of new mothers everywhere. Now moms can cover their little sprouts with style and ease without worry!

Sprout Shell is a privately owned company operated by a family of moms...Sheri who invented the product, Kirsten who insisted it be brought to moms everywhere, and Teri, Sheri's twin sister who uses her crafting and creative skills to help Sprout Shell create the hippest and most stylish infant carrier cover around.