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SmartLab, producer of award-winning toys and books, proves it's fun to be smart! In just four years, SmartLab has created some of the most innovative products on the market within three distinct brands—SmartLab, SmartLab Challenge and ArtLab—that empower kids through an entertaining AND educational experience.

From the new Remote Control Rocket and You Explore It Human Body to the best-selling Voice Changer and Secret Formula Lab, each SmartLab science kit includes everything kids need to explore and understand the mysteries of science.

Packed with up to 1,000 questions, the SmartLab Challenge book series has an electronic game controller for 1 or 2 players so kids can challenge themselves and each other to hours of brain-building trivia fun, in titles such as Weird and Gross, Human Body and the teacher- and parent-approved Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4.