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Skooba Design's mission is to provide dependable, fashionable cases for all the high-tech equipment you wish to carry. A decade of carrying case design and manufacturing experience has enabled Skooba Design to offer the best materials, hardware, and construction methods at a reasonable price.

They strive to marry the quality and style of the world's best luggage with the necessary protection of an equipment case. Additionally, by adding innovative features that simply "make sense" and offering a variety of color options (including a blank canvas that you can truly customize), Skooba makes it possible to find a case that fits both your wants and your needs.
Skooba Design products have received a number of awards, being recognized by PC Photo, MacAddict, and Macworld just to name a few. Additionally, Skooba has been featured in a variety of publications, from USA Today and BusinessWeek to PC World and Playboy. These bags are gaining popularity everywhere you look, so get yours today!

Skooba Design