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Since commencing operations in April 1995, ScanCom has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor furniture as well as decorative accessories. Headquartered in their corporate office in Korsør, Denmark, ScanCom's production operations are located in Vietnam, Indonesia and Brazil. With production operations located throughout the world, ScanCom prides itself in its social accountability and environmental commitment policies which strive to protect their workers from poor conditions and use materials from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified well-managed forests.

In order to operationalize their social commitment, ScanCom has set a corporate standard which they consistently apply to themselves and expect from all their suppliers. The ScanCom International Social Accountability Standard is a set of principles and criteria, based on the SA8000 Standard of Social Accountability International (SAI).

ScanCom will not tolerate use of child labor, forced labor, physical abuse, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse as disciplinary practices either by their supplier or any of the supplier’s subcontractors. ScanCom requires their contract manufacturers and suppliers to provide a safe and healthy working environment and take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health by minimizing hazards in the work environment. ScanCom requires that their contract manufacturers and suppliers respect the right of all personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice and to bargain collectively. ScanCom requires that their contract manufacturers and suppliers limit normal working hours to less than 48 hours per week. In the event that workers work overtime, this shall be compensated at a premium rate and limited to no more than an additional four hours per day.

In order to ensure that their numerous contract manufacturers comply with these aspects of the ScanCom Social Accountability Standard, ScanCom’s social auditing staff works directly with the suppliers to improve conditions in their factories. Those suppliers, which are in full compliance with their social accountability requirements, are given preference when making purchasing decisions.

In addition to ScanCom International’s Social Accountability Standard, ScanCom’s Environmental Policy, outlines our commitment to sourcing wood from FSC certified forests. In addition to economic and environment realms, the FSC Principles and Criteria also address the social aspects of good forest management. FSC certified production forests are managed to respect the tenure and indigenous use rights of resident communities, maximize the benefits these communities receive from the forest, and place priority on hiring locally first.

As a company, ScanCom recognizes that the future of its business depends on a healthy and sustainable environment. Their environmental commitment comprises policy, strategy, activity and partnership to achieve measurable results that have a positive impact on the world’s forests. They understand that forests are the long-term source of the raw material that they need while also being of critical importance to the people that depend on them for their livelihoods and the rich biodiversity they support.

ScanCom's goal is to ensure that all their operations are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial & economically viable, and in line with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). They also work in partnership with their suppliers and customers to promote best practice all the way through their supply chain.