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Make your next best meal with the help of a saucepan. Shop from our collection of saucepans to create tantalizing flavors at home.

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Product Inserts 3-qt. Double Boiler Product Inserts 3-qt. Double Boiler
 5 stars
My motto with purchasing home and personal item is: BUY THE BEST - CRY ONCE. All Clad are the best pans available and I intend to buy them one at a time until I can replace all my
- jennie in Oak Brook

Simply Enamel 2 Qt. Saucepan with Lid Simply Enamel 2 Qt. Saucepan with Lid
 4 stars
My daughter uses these saucepans and she loves them. So I bought her one for Christmas

M'heritage Cuprinox Saucepan with Lid M'heritage Cuprinox Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
We purchased this to add on to our copper cookware inventory at home. Already purchased 1.2qt. This one is very heavy (2.5mm copper). Very sturdy. We are finally done with all the non stick cookware.
- RV1665 in Tucson, AZ

Commercial Saucepan with Lid Commercial Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
I like the quality of this product and it is exactly what I expected. It is durable and is exactly as described on the web.
- Reed in Annandale, VA

Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
No more concern with peeling non-stick surfaces. I love my Le Creuset!
- Jennifer in clarkston, MI

Copper Core 0.5-qt. Butter Warmer Copper Core 0.5-qt. Butter Warmer
 5 stars
This is a wonderful small pan - great for melting and warming small quantities. Matches our set perfectly. Good value
- Linda in New Albany, OH

Symmetry 3.5 Qt. Saucepan with Lid Symmetry 3.5 Qt. Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
Heavy pan of very good quality. I am considering getting another one.
- Jamie in Crystal City, MO

Cook and Strain 3-qt. Saucepan with Lid Cook and Strain 3-qt. Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
One other reviewer noted the one drawback--the handle stays cool enough to tough bare handed but the knob to the lid gets scorching hot. not to worry--just used a pot holder. but I'm very satisfied
- Janice in Largo, FL

1400 Line Saucepan with Lid 1400 Line Saucepan with Lid
 4 stars
I was hoping it was a little bigger. But it still will work in my pan set. It didn't come damaged. Thank you
- Brenda in Gonvick, MN

Classic Saucepan with Lid Classic Saucepan with Lid
 4 stars
Great size, great pan and for a great price! I have one of these pans I bought 20 years ago now I have 2.
- Cynthia in KINGSTON, RI

Domus Saucepan with Lid Domus Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
This pot is the prettiest pan I have. It looks and feels like a quality item. I've only used it once so far but look forward to many years of enjoyment!. Well worth the money! the extra side
- Gloria in Saint Augustine, FL

Easy System Saucepan with Lid Easy System Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
The saucepan was fine. It was smaller around and deeper than I expected but using it on a small burner is fine.
- Etonna in HUDSON, NC

Simply Nonstick 4-qt. Saucepan with Lid Simply Nonstick 4-qt. Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
Love these pans their the best the clean so easy
- patricia in Tulsa, OK

Hard-Anodized II Dishwasher Safe Nonstick 3-qt. Sauce Pan with Lid Hard-Anodized II Dishwasher Safe Nonstick 3-qt. Sauce Pan with Lid
 5 stars
Great product love the size is just what I was looking for. Perfect size None
- Margaret in Chicago, IL

High Performance 1 Qt. Saucepan with Lid High Performance 1 Qt. Saucepan with Lid
 5 stars
I'm glad that I went ahead and ordered this little pot. It is perfect for all my needs. The spouted rim on each side and the strainer holes on each side on the lid, strain easily without mess. It is
- Jennifer in Irvine, CA

3-qt. Double Boiler with Lid 3-qt. Double Boiler with Lid
 5 stars
Double boilers are hard to find. This purchase was a great value and just in time for Xmas baking
- Cindy in Greenwood, IN

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Saucepans - Brand: Wolfgang Puck® Saucepans

Saucepans are often confused with other pots and pans; however, the best saucepans are often lidded and come with deep sides. This type of cookware is equipped with a lid and is best for making savory sauces, as well as boiling and heating various foods. Small saucepans can be used for warming various sauces. There are actually five main sauces from which all sauces are derived, including béchamel, espagnole, hollandaise, tomato, and velouté. You can prepare these traditional mother sauces in a small sauce pan over the stove. A saucepan will help you master the fundamentals of classical cuisine by beginning with a traditional canon of sauces. Cook these sauces in a saucepan that is made from a conductive metal that will heat your liquid at a consistent rate and evenly across the surface of the pan.

bechamel sauce saucepan
After purchasing a saucepan, you can try your hand at cooking béchamel. This type of sauce is one of the simplest mother sauces because it only requires milk, flour and butter. If you have these primary ingredients then you can easily make a very simple béchamel sauce. The sauce is made by heating warm milk with butter and then flavored with spices of your choice. You can create a savory béchamel sauce by adding rosemary or a festive béchamel sauce with nutmeg. Make sure to slowly heat the béchamel sauce in your saucepan to avoid burning.

espagnole sauce saucepan
The second mother sauce is espagnole sauce, which is made from stock, chopped vegetables, butter and flour. This is a more complex sauce than béchamel because it requires preparing a stock. The most unique ingredient in espagnole sauce is tomato puree, which gives the stock a deep rich color and adds unique flavor. You can repurpose espagnole to make other popular sauces. You can prepare the stock, as well as the sauce, directly in your saucepan.

espagnole sauce saucepan
Hollandaise sauce is one of the most of the classical sauces. You can easily make hollandaise sauce in a small saucepan by combining butter, egg yolks and a thickening agent, like flour to cornstarch. The unique part of Hollandaise sauce is that it is made from clarified butter, rather than whole butter. After whipping up hollandaise sauce in a saucepan, you can pour it over seafood or vegetables for a savory and buttery finish.

espagnole sauce saucepan
If you are lactose intolerant or do not like creamy sauces, then you can whip up a simple tomato sauce that you can use on pasta and pizza. Traditional tomato sauce requires rendering meat and then simmering tomatoes and vegetables for a few hours over the stove. This helps gradually heat your saucepan so your sauce cooks evenly. You can thicken your sauce with oil or butter as well as any form of flavorless starch.

espagnole sauce saucepan
Velouté is a sauce you can whip up in your stainless steel saucepan that combines the richness of white sauce and the flavor of red sauce. The sauce is most commonly made by thickening white stock, such as hollandaise, with roux from chicken or other meats. You can them combine this basic sauce in a saucepan with mushrooms, shrimp, white wine or other flavors to liven up your sauce.

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