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Sam Moore

Sam Moore

"Building a chair is like rearing a child. Concentrate on character and everything else pretty much takes care of itself," is how Michael Delgatti, president of Sam Moore, believes quality furniture is crafted.

Originally founded in 1943 by Sam Moore, a World War I Air Force veteran, the company initially stood apart from others. Trained within the family business of furniture, Moore set out to do what no other could then provide, affordable and quality furniture. Adding unique character in wood finishes, fabrics, styling and carvings is the basis Moore desired when creating the high quality, heirloom furniture he hoped to sell. With over 3 to 4 million pieces sold between 1943 and 1973, Sam Moore Furniture became a leading manufacturer of heirloom occasional chairs. In 2007, Sam Moore joined one of the most highly recognized furniture companies abroad, Hooker Furniture, proving that success lies in quality.

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Sam Moore
Whether you're outfitting your home office or living room, these sophisticated accent chairs and ottomans by Sam Moore are sure to be a great addition to any space. A part of the famous Hooker Furniture company, the Sam Moore line represents classic style and elegance.