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Dogs want to go everywhere you go and do everything you do. Obviously you'd like to take them everywhere, but sometimes nature's elements are just too much for them to handle...until now. Ruff Wear has come up with apparel for even the most rugged, outdoorsy of canines. The Ruff Wear line features harnesses, coats, lifevests and even boots so that your best pal no longer feels left out when you go camping, hiking or skiing! Thanks to Ruff Wear, it's now possible to see if in fact, your dog can keep up with you...and vice versa!

Ruff Wear is now well into their second decade of offering innovative solutions for canines and their humans. Because Ruff Wear's passions have always been the "outdoors", backpacking, river running, mountain biking, etc., it is only natural for them to use fabrics, hardware and materials tested and proven in those environments. Ruff Wear products perform by providing benefits, functionality, and durability in demanding outdoor environments for your dog. Check out what Ruff Wear has to offer now so you and your beloved dog will be able to do even more things together!