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The Rubbermaid® Optimizers™ Multifunctional Four-Way O Collection

The Rubbermaid® Optimizers™ Multifunctional Four-Way O Collection From Rubbermaid

Optimize your options with this four-way organizer—set it up on any side or mount it on the wall. Three trays hold letter and A4 size documents. Features an additional three sections, one mail size and two 3" square-front supply sections with fully removable drawers, to keep supplies right where you need them. Constructed of extra thick clear plastic walls for maximum durability and visibility. 13 1/4w x 13 1/4d x 10h.

  • Optimize your options with this four-way organizer - set it up on any side or mount it on the wall.
  • Three trays hold letter and A4 size documents.
  • Features and additional three sections—one mail size and two 3" square-front supply sections with fully removable drawers.
  • Constructed of extra thick clear plastic walls for maximum durability.


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