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Rover Gear

Rover was formed on the idea that traveling with your kids should be as easy as possible. Whether it’s a trip to the mall or to another continent the gear should be well designed, be highly durable and function seamlessly with your needs as a parent in mind. Most of us grew up when a trip to grandma’s house meant a short car ride. Now it usually means going to an airport, followed by a long flight with connections and another car ride at the end. Getting the luggage, Pack ‘n Play, stroller, and the million little things together and through each step in the process while figuring out how to carry it all is a huge challenge. After many such trips, our founder came to realize the sad state of products available to parents. Poorly designed items that don’t function together, frayed corners, broken latches, blown stitching and a myriad of other problems all conspire to make the trip more frustrating than it needs to be. The last straw was wrapping a Pack ‘n Play with American Airlines tape in order to get it checked in because the case had totally fallen apart. Having been a mountaineer, with experience subjecting gear to extreme conditions, our founder knew that it could absolutely be better, and so began our quest to make traveling parents’ lives easier.

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