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Few experiences can compare to the pleasure and serenity that come from relaxing beside a beautiful garden pond. And there is no better way of preserving that natural beauty than with PondCare® pond products. For most pond owners, the primary challenge to maintaining a beautiful pond is managing algae growth. Their EPA-registered algaecide, Algaefix®, selectively controls algae, without harming fish or plants. The PondCare range also includes naturally based products to help keep ponds clean and clear. Developed by their expert team of research scientists, Pond Zyme® and Ecofix®, are all natural bacterial products that help maintain the beauty of the pond. Their new, easy-to-use pond cleaner, Powerpaks™, contains beneficial bacteria plus the power of barley in convenient single dose pouches, and new Barley Clear™ is a highly concentrated suspension of barley and peat, plus natural activators, to clear murky pond water. To help maintain a clean, clear, beautiful pond, the natural choice is PondCare.


Microbial Algae Clean ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Patented bacteria controls green algae in ponds with live fish and plants
  • Eliminate troublesome organic sludge and debris
  • Promotes a cleaner pond environment
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
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Microbial Algae Clean

by Pondcare

from $28.25 $34.99

Simply Clear Clarifier ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Fast acting pond clarifier with added bacteria
  • Improves water quality
  • Creates a healthy pond balance
  • Treats up to 8,000 US gallons (32 oz. size), 16,000 US gallons (64 oz. size), 32,000 US gallons (1 gallon size)
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Simply Clear Clarifier

by Pondcare

from $27.96 $40.99

Accu-clear Pond Clarifier ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Clears cloudy pond water and keeps ponds crystal-clear
  • Helps filters work more efficiently
  • Works quickly
  • Treats up to 9,600 US gallons (32 oz. size), 19,200 US gallons (64 oz. size), 38,400 US gallons (1 gallon size)
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Accu-clear Pond Clarifier

by Pondcare

from $24.99 $32.99

Aquatic Planting Media Soil ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • 100% Natural aquatic potting media bended with zeolite
  • Excellent for all water garden plants
  • Perfect for transplanting and planting bare-root plants

Aquatic Planting Media Soil

by Pondcare

$35.81 $59.99

Ecofix Bacterial Pond Clarifier ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Degrades dead algae, sludge and organic debris to keep a clean and well balanced pond
  • Increases oxygen level in water
  • Maintains a healthy ecosystem in pond
  • Treat up to 16,000 US gallons (64 oz. size), 32,000 US gallons (1 gallon size)
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Ecofix Bacterial Pond Clarifier

by Pondcare

from $49.99
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Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Instantly neutralizes chlorine, copper, lead and zinc found in tap water and heavy metals caused by soil leaching and acid rain
  • Use when setting up a pond or changing pond water
  • Instantly makes tap and well water safe for pond life

Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer

by Pondcare

$25.99 $60.99

Pond Salt Granules ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Made from evaporated sea water
  • Natural fish tonic
  • Provides essential electrolytes fish need to survive with an all-natural salt
  • 9.6 lbs

Pond Salt Granules

by Pondcare

$23.61 $27.99

Complete Pond Water Test Kit ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Testing pond and tap water
  • Tests for pH, ammonia, nitrite and salt levels
  • Quickly and accurately evaluate pond water quality so that problems can be detected and major problems can be avoided

Complete Pond Water Test Kit

by Pondcare

$28.99 $52.99

Melafix Antibacterial Remedy ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Treatment of koi and goldfish diseases
  • Treats ulcers, open wounds and fin and tail rot
  • Use when introducing new fish, safe for aquatic plants
  • 64 ounces

Melafix Antibacterial Remedy

by Pondcare

$46.99 $61.99

Pond-Zyme Enzymatic Barley Pond Cleaner ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • 100% Natural and safe for all fish, plants and wildlife
  • Cleans and clarifies pond water
  • Eliminates troublesome organic sludge and debris to create and maintain sparkling clean water gardens

Pond-Zyme Enzymatic Barley Pond Cleaner

by Pondcare

$26.74 $55.99

Pimafix Antifungal Remedy ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • For koi and goldfish
  • Treatment of fungal infections in freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins
  • Safe for aquatic plants, will no affect the biological filter or alter the pH

Pimafix Antifungal Remedy

by Pondcare

$54.24 $67.99
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Barley Clear ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Peat and barley pond clarifier
  • Highly concentrated suspension of natural barley and peat plus natural activators
  • Helps maintain the natural carbon balance
  • Plus the natural properties of peat, buffer the pH for a more stable pond environment

Barley Clear

by Pondcare

$48.99 $55.99