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Philips Home and Healthcare Solutions

Founded in 1987, Apollo Health, now part of Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, has been the leading researcher and manufacturer of products for treating circadian rhythm disorders that result in insomnia, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Depression and other mood & sleep disorders. Philips has also worked with the National Institute of Health and several universities to determine the most effective light for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Circadian Rhythm and related mood disorders. The culmination of this research combines specific wavelengths, intensity and timing to produce a much quicker and stronger response than standard 10,000 lux, full-spectrum light. Since the beginning of time, people have realized the healing power of light. People feel rejuvenated when in sunshine, and withdraw in the dark. In the early 1980's, researchers discovered that specialized bright light was an effective treatment for winter blues. Now tests are confirming that this light is effective for non-seasonal moods problems as well. Philips has the answer! It turns out that light is more than psychological. Light actually produces hormones and neurotransmitters that affect our mood and well being. Dozens of clinical, placebo-controlled studies have been done using light therapy to improve mood. These studies confirm that light is not only as effective as other methods, but it causes no long-term side effects. Additionally, people responded within a week to light instead of several weeks with medications, whereas different medication trials were needed before an effective regimen was found. Philips' patent-pending BLUEWAVE® is the result of ten years of research with medical universities and the NIH. Philips is now the only company to produce lights that are twice as effective at shifting circadian rhythms and suppressing melatonin when compared to 10,000 lux and white LEDs - HANDS DOWN.