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Paws Aboard

Paws Aboard was founded by Amber McCrocklin in 2003. Amber has always enjoyed taking her dog Bo out on the boat with her, but found it particularly difficult to get him back in after retrieving his toy. After searching for something to solve this problem, and coming up empty handed, she decided to create a product for pet owners who shared her dilemma. Amber knew the product had to be easily attached and stored to be effective.

After extensive research and product testing the Doggy Boat Ladder was born. Today Amber and Bo are enjoying the boating experience like never before. Bo gets in and out of the water with ease leaving Amber to tend to more important matters... like her tan.

Paws Aboard’s mission is to deliver excellent quality products focusing on the active lifestyle of pet owners; on land, in the water, or while traveling away from home. Paws Aboard has plans to introduce more products to make life safer and more enjoyable for pets and their handlers while in an aquatic environment, or traveling to get there.