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P3 International

Founded in 1987, P3 International is a privately owned manufacturer of solution oriented consumer products. For the last twenty years P3 has strived to develop products that are easy to use and ahead of their time. Thanks to their customer-centric attitude and support from clients, they have experienced steady growth over the past decade.

P3 International is committed to manufacturing high quality products that appeal to a variety of different people, from the environmentally conscious to the more technologically minded consumer. With this philosophy driving us they are always looking for innovative new products which they can offer customers.

P3's unique products have gained them a lot of attention over the past few years, in particular the Kill A Watt, a user-friendly power meter that enables people to calculate the cost to use their home appliances. Reviews of our products have been featured in newspapers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and with many new products yet to be released, they anticipate even more media exposure and consumer recognition.

V-Bot Robotic Vacuum ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Robotic vacuum
  • Works on cleans wood, tile and carpet
  • Moves about on its own while cleaning
  • Detects and automatically avoids stairs
  • Smart enough to get out of tight places

V-Bot Robotic Vacuum

by P3 International

$101.99 $129.99
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Folding 2.5' H x 25.25' W x 3' D 3 mm Mini Greenhouse ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Ideal for patios, decks and balconies of any size
  • Sleek, umbrella shaped design
  • Protects vulnerable plants from inclement weather
  • Poly cover with easy zipper opening
  • Compact and lightweight

Folding 2.5' H x 25.25' W x 3' D 3 mm Mini Greenhouse

by P3 International

$27.99 $37.33

Flip 'n Charge Candle ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Solar panel is located on bottom of candle, users just flip and charge
  • Perfect for indoor/outdoor use
  • Flameless flickering candlelight glow
  • Manufacturer provides 6 months warranty

Flip 'n Charge Candle

by P3 International

$36.99 $38.50

Wicked Colors Candle Holder ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Holder glows from deep within, slowly changing across a rainbow of tones in perfect harmony with tea candle's flame
  • Holder combines the classic touch of an open flame with latest LED technology

Wicked Colors Candle Holder

by P3 International

$14.99 $19.95

Sol-Mate Night Vision Dummy Camera ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Blinking LED every 5 seconds
  • Charges in partial sunlight
  • Low maintenance
  • Pan and tilt adjustment
  • Weatherproof housing

Sol-Mate Night Vision Dummy Camera

by P3 International

$32.99 $43.99

Save A Drop Water Pistol Nozzle ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Equipped with a built-in meter to measure the volume of water usage
  • Helps user be more conscious of the water they are using and promote water conservation
  • Measuring meter takes the guesswork out of delivering the right amount of water to plants

Save A Drop Water Pistol Nozzle

by P3 International

$31.99 $35.99

Solmate Window Thermometer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Window thermometer
  • Large LCD for easy viewing
  • Sleek transparent housing
  • Displays indoor or outdoor and min/max temperature
  • Detachable suction cup

Solmate Window Thermometer

by P3 International

$32.99 $33.99
2-Day Delivery
Kill-A-Watt Ps 10 Surge Protector ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Surge protector
  • Advanced surge protection circuitry
  • Soft power-up eliminates harmful voltage spikes
  • Displays max/min volts
  • Measures amps, watts, pf and leakage current

Kill-A-Watt Ps 10 Surge Protector

by P3 International

$80.00 $99.95
Free Shipping & 2-Day Delivery
Phantom Power Indicator ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Power indicator
  • Ideal for use with any standby enabLED product
  • Includes sample savings chart
  • Phantom collection
  • Manufacturer provides 6 months warranty

Phantom Power Indicator

by P3 International


Jumbo Garden Solar Thermometer ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Jumbo garden solar thermometer
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Copper Roof: No

Jumbo Garden Solar Thermometer

by P3 International

$24.99 $29.99
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Save A Drop Water Meter ss_pt1917813
Product Features
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Accurately measures to 1/10th of gallon
  • Calculates both single use and total water consumption

Save A Drop Water Meter

by P3 International

$31.99 $32.99
Out of Stock