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Omega Massage

Omega Massage originated from the customers' request for an “all in one massage chair.” They combine striking appearances with adjustments and features, and are developed to be the most advanced massage chair of its kind. They strive to provide you with a superior product that has every function and adjustment that you could ever want, while supporting your need for a strong and reliable massage chair.

Omega Massages' goals are to improve upon existing models of massage chairs in all three aspects of performance, aesthetics and quality. They promise to fulfill this pledge in the present as well as the future. Omega Massage’s commitment to excellence allows them to develop technologically advanced massage chairs with noticeable appeal and attractive designs.

Omega's manufacturers have an extensive Research and Development program where all of the chairs arriving in the U.S. are tested for quality assurance. Omega Massage has received the sought after ISO-9000 approval for quality standards. To maintain the international quality code, the manufacturing location must adhere to strict policies and procedures when producing goods to be ISO approved. The approval is among the hardest approvals to be granted, due to its strict nature of excellence. Omega has gone through great lengths to bring consumers products that can alleviate discomforts in their everyday schedule. You can expect in the present and the future, Omega's commitment for value, quality and excellence, will be its undertone in its R & D program.