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While the world around us is rapidly changing, traits like quality, commitment, and style are always in demand. At Nirve Sports they pride themselves on designing premium handmade bicycles that deliver on the promise every time you ride. Nirve Sports is an industry leader with their innovative comfort bicycles designed for the discerning customer. Nirve's original frame designs, striking graphics and colors, superior comfort, and quality construction and materials add up to a bicycle that will carry you in style for years to come.

At Nirve Sports they love bicycles. Nirve Sports has a history of experience beyond the company's inception in 1999, dating back several decades. Many on the staff have been involved with the modern history of cycling including the European influenced sixties and seventies, the American invention of BMX and Mountain Bikes, and the rise of fashion cycling in the late 1990's and first part of this century.

As we enter a new period in cycling history - The Cycling Renaissance - everyone can now ride a bicycle without worrying about overly complicated technology. Nirve Sports makes bicycles that are fun and easy to ride, both for pleasure and for short trips that you might otherwise make in your automobile. Riding a bicycle is great exercise, good for the environment, and you can do it in style on a Nirve.

Nirve Sports LTD