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NRG is the world’s first and foremost dehydrated homemade dog food. It all started 15 years ago on their farm in Canada. They bred, raised and showed dogs all around North America. Being unhappy with the quality of dog foods in the market and the results, or lack thereof, they would see in their dogs we decided to make our own homemade dog food for our champion dogs. They noticed the benefits right away. The dogs were healthier, happier, had shinier coats, less allergies etc... Since they traveled a lot for dog shows they wanted to find a way to make the dog food more convenient to travel with. Freezing was not an option since that required coolers with ice and even then it did not last long so we looked into dehydration. This seemed to be the best alternative, but we still had to find a way to preserve the food for longer trips. After much research and effort we finally came up with a proprietary way of dehydrating our homemade diets without supplementation. This was a breakthrough in dog food diets. NRG is still, to this day, the only completely balanced; all life stages dog food that does not use any supplementation or preservatives in our dog food diets. They still manufacture their dog food on their own farm by their own hands. Every step of the manufacturing process is done by the owners of the company to ensure NRG dog food diets are still made the same and no ingredient is missed.