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Mr. Billiard

Mr. Billiard is the largest distributer of billiard and gaming products in Canada and has been manufacturing high quality, innovative products since 1967. Mr. Billiard is committed to developing new products while maintaining high quality standards to meet ever changing market demands.

Mr. Billiard was a dream by a snooker player, Terry Haddock, who adored the game. His dream was to cater to billiard players by providing quality tables, cues and accessories; all the while giving every client his undivided attention and meeting their every need. Already the owner of several successful billiard clubs, Terry took the first steps towards making his dream a reality.

Terry’s vision became Terry’s Home Billiards; established in 1967 in Scarborough, Ontario – Canada. Catering to the retail market, Terry’s impeccable reputation allowed his business to flourish and become Mr. Billiard – “simply the source” for all gaming needs.

Mr. Billiard evolved with the ever changing market demands and established itself as a major wholesaler catering to billiard rooms, specialty stores and department stores. Terry’s vision of quality products at exceptional prices was carried on from one generation to the next. Mr. Billiard is now headed by John Haddock who shares his father’s ideals for doing business the old fashion way: giving every client his undivided attention and meeting all their needs.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing pool tables, cues and accessories, the company has expanded to include gaming furniture, games tables, slate, casino supplies, as well as water recreational products, and it continues to look for new ways to service its clients’ needs.

Mr. Billiard is now the largest distributor of billiard and gaming products in Canada thanks in part to Terry’s philosophy and to the company’s overall commitment to excellence.

Mr. Billiard