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Find the perfect mirror for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom by shopping our wide selection of accent mirrors.

Mirrors can help you create a unique style for your home, open up a small space, and bring light into your hallways and entryways. Adding a mirror to your home décor can help you create the right ambience for each room. Evaluating the style of your home before purchasing a mirror will also help you find the right style, size, and shape of the mirror for your space. You can use our custom sizing tool or our Accent Wall and Mirror Style Guide for more information about choosing a mirror that will fit well in your home.

sunburst mirrors Sunburst Mirrors create elegant and beautiful focal points in your living room or bedroom. These mirrors are marked by their signature appearance, which includes a central focal point and rays extending from a circular or oval center. You can hang a sunburst mirror on its own or place it in the center of other mirrors to create simple and sophisticated wall art.
oval mirrors Oval Mirrors help you balance hard angles from tables and chairs with soft flowing lines. Decorating your living room with oval mirrors helps to soften the angles of square or rectangular sofas and brings peace and calm into your living space. Oval mirrors also capture and disperse light into dark rooms, while creating additional depth in smaller rooms.
round mirrors Round Mirrors also create balance in different areas of your home. You can use round mirrors of various sizes to create points of interest on your wall that attract attention and create a natural flow from one design element to another. You can use a singular round mirror or a cluster of round mirrors together to create an art piece on your wall.
rectanglular mirrors Rectangular Mirrors are great for visually expanding your space, because long horizontal lines make your room appear wider and longer. When selecting a rectangular mirror for your home, make sure to find a mirror with a frame that matches your décor. You can also use a frameless mirror to further extend your space and lighten up your room.
square mirrors Square Mirrors provide a welcoming and elegant feel above your mantel and can be used together to create stylish geometric patterns in your living room or bedroom. You can cluster square mirrors together to bring a modern feel to your home. The straight lines from square mirrors can help you bring life and energy into any space.
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